ASHLEY JEMISON is bringing a new school vibe to smooth jazz. Covering the current styles of R&B and pop music of today while adding a unique improvisational twist leaves her audiences wanting more. 

With a mother and father who were musicians it was inevitable that Ashley would follow in their footsteps. Working tirelessly to be at her own personal best she excelled quickly at playing the saxophone. In pursuit of her dream of playing music she continued her journey through studying music at California State University Los Angeles where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Despite studying music her career was not fully realized until after her battle with Breast Cancer. Experiencing such a life changing diagnoses Ashley made it her mission that when she made it to the other side of the battle, she would wholeheartedly pursue her dream of playing music for the world. 

Since making her career shift she has been invited back for performances spanning from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. With the back drop of smooth and soulful saxophone tone of Ashley easily takes the ambience to a new level. Provoking great emotion with every note she plays, it is guaranteed that you will not leave an Ashley Jemison performance without feeling moved to dance, smile or even to tears.  Uplifting the spirits and moving people is what truly pushes Ashley to give performances of a lifetime.